Hi, I am Kilian Jörg, an artist and philosopher working mainly on the ecological catastrophe and how we can culturally work with it. My current research topics are the car as a metaphor for our toxic entanglements with modern lifestyles (released in book form as “Das Auto und die ökologische Katastrophe” in September 2024), the socio-psychological effects of living with ecocide and radical activist strategies of reclaiming land like the ZAD in France. I hold a PhD in Philosophy and am working internationally and transdisciplinary in various collectives, countries and disciplines.

Currently I am working a lot with the Futurama.Lab at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and I am affiliated to the SFB Affective Societies at the FU Berlin. Some of my works - books, performances, multi-media-installations and soundart can be found on this homepage. You can follow my current works and projects on my blog: kilianjoerg.blogspot.com 

If you are interested in inviting me to talks, workshops, collaborations, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me via the email provided below. 

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