I work at the multimedial interfaces between philosophy and art. For this purpose, I employ the expression of text as well as those of installation, performance, and music. My main research interest are the effects (and narratives) of our ecological dilemma and how its transformative forces can best be thought of and used aesthetico-politically. I can mostly be found somewhere between Vienna, Berlin, and Brussels. I am the the founder of the performance philosophy collective philosophy unbound and a member of the performative research cluster Stoffwechsel - Ecologies of Collaboration and the artist initiative im_flieger. My artistic projects include, among others, a speculative religion of waste (Toxic Temple) and performative interventions in the fossil based life-forms of urban public space (Diverting the Public Space). Furthermore I have published books about Clubculture (Die Clubmaschine), the political Backlash from an ecological point of view, workingconditions and utopias in the art world and a culture of dis-involvement in times of ecological catastrophe

Currently I am working as a post-doc at the SFB Affective Socities at FU Berlin. In my research project "On the Utopia of the Car-Free World", I want to reflect on our material & toxic entanglements with the anthropogenically altered matter of the Anthropocene through a focus on the car.