Toxic Temple (Book)

An Artistic & Philosophical Adventure into the Toxicity of the Now

by Anna Lerchbaumer & Kilian Jörg

Book Publication / Bible of the ongoing multi-media art project gone speculative religion "Toxic Temple"

What changes when we religiously worship the toxic? In this era of catastrophe, can a cosmic connection be achieved through a cult of pollution? Toxic Temple is an artistic-philosophical quest to understand the current parlous state of the world.

We offer our inner contradictions and destructive lusts as objects of worship. We enter wastelands instead of new territory, leaving space for artifacts, expressing solidarity with the factual.

We encounter colorful assemblages of things that connect the known cosmos, tread the shaky ground of novel divinity, inhale pungent odors that transport us to the sublime. Garbage dumps are the new temples. In a mania of sadistic composure we breathe in the here and now. Transformative forces are released, free radicals; rituals that expose the chaos that lurks beneath the surface.

With guest-contributions from Julieta Aranda, Sabrina Bühn, Heather Davis, Elisabeth Falkensteiner, Julia Grillmayr, Eben Kirksey, Demi Spriggs and many more.

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